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Why Live?

Since fishkeeping began, live foods always played a vital role. As a matter of fact, for some time, live foods were virtually the only nutrition available for ornamental aquaria!

The early aquarists would culture Daphnia and when they could catch it, Mosquito larvae and Tubifex. Flake and Pellets had not yet been invented, so these guys has to feed their fish the same foods that they could be observed eating in nature!

Fast forward a couple of hundred years and here we are. Lets be honest. As a a civilisation, we have begun to cut corners and find the easy route. What's easier? Cutting and tipping a bag of brine shrimp into a tank or pinching a few flakes into your aquarium? I would guess the flake option, but is it worth it?

Look back through the old school fish books and I can guarantee you will see pictures of fish you barely recognise. Better colour, longer fins and much better body condition. Those guys didn't have great technology in terms of aquarium hardware, nor were the cameras very good. So why did those fish look so much better? Live food...

All fish love live food. Whether its colourful guppies or big, moody pufferfish. And you should indulge them. You will notice some of those old school colours that you hadn't noticed before beginning to shine through. You'll even witness new behaviours. There is nothing quite as intriguing as watching halfbeaks hunt Brine Shrimp through a mat of floating plants, or Discus search for worms in the substrate. For some fish, you might actually have some success in keeping them alive now! Remember those Scarlet Badis you tried keeping that dwindled away 1 by 1. Hey, have a go again now you are offering Daphnia and Blackworm once a week!

Won't too much live food pollute my tank? Here is the neat part. Feed smart and the answer is absolutely not. Live food is far more palatable to your fish and they will likely mop it all up quicker than you can say Tahuantinsuyoa macantzatza. On the off chance that some live food does escape your fish, it should survive long enough in the tank that other fish will devour it before it starts to rot down.

Won't live food give my fish diseases? I hope not! All our products are cultured in closed, disease free systems or harvested from fish/disease free sources to prevent any transference of pathogens into your aquarium. You can be safe knowing that all our products are super fish safe!

What are you waiting for? Try a couple bags and see how your fish respond. They will love you for it. And if you have any questions about what items will work best for your fish, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be sure to help you out as best as we can!

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