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Plastic Packaging for Natural Aquaria?

No thankyou. Recently we have seen a surge in Botanical Goods for sale in the aquarium trade, which we think is s9imply fantastic. We don't like the amount of plastic used though. Sure, plastic packaging is a necessary evil in today's climate, but surely we would be doing best to lower our use?

All our live foods are regrettably sold in plastic packaging. I don't think there is a way round this, but if anyone has any ideas, please do let me know. On the other hand, we can totally avoid using plastic packaging for our dry goods. And we do. We are happy to say that all our botanical items are now shipped in recycled cardboard boxes and packed in paper/card/scrap paper! We don't bag stuff individually either. What's the point?

It just seems very ironic that in our quest to help you keep the most natural aquaria/vivaria etc, we would go down the most anti-green method of getting it you.

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