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Single feed bags.


Marine copepods approx 1-2 mm size. 

Single feed bags each holding approx. 90ml of water with enough copepods to feed an average 24-36 inch aquarium.


Will keep for a week or so if kept cool and away from direct sunlight.



The most abundant animal making up zooplankton in our oceans, copepods are nutritious and perfect for feeding to small marine fish and fry that may be too small to eat adult brine shrimp.  A natural scavenger, they will help clean left over food and algae in the tank and are often kept in the sump or refugium of marine tanks.

Marine Copepods

  • Marine copepods should be stored in a cool place or refrigerated in the unopened bag they are sold in. It is advisable to use as soon as possible  but they should keep for up to a week or more if stored properly.

    Feed marine copepods only to marine water fish.  They can be added to the aquarium complete with the water they are supplied in or you can filter them through a net and add just the animals.

    As a rough guide, bag of marine copepods contains enough animals for one feed for an aquarium larger than 24 inches - depending on type and size of fish.

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