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We were watching a group of our Andean Treefrogs (Gastrotheca riobambae) the other day and thought to ourselves, 'If we were frogs, what would we want?', and if truth be told, the answer is probably uncomprehesible but I imagine it's somthing like some good food, a bit of moisture and protection from predators. Anyway, whilst we were sat watching them hunt, we noticed that since adding an abolute ton of leaf litter to the Ranarium, as well as a few different shaped and sized botanical items, they had started coming down to the substrate to hunt. No longer where they waiting for flies to come to them, but rather they were now seeking them out. So what we have done is put to gether a bundle of items that we think your tree/arboreal frogs would really enjoy and knocked a few quid off because we are really nice like that.



2 x Step Fruit

1 x Coco Boat

1 x Sororoca Flower

2 x Half Palm Pod

1 x Smaller Chapeuzinho

1 x BUddha Nut

2 x Canoinhas Pod

1 x Pack of Jack Leaves

1 x Pack of Moneta Leaves



Total Value - £39.88



You pay - £31.99

Frog Bundle

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