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Dry Fish Food Variety pack, perfect for community aquariums. Each pack contains over 800g of food, split over the following varieties, perfect for all fish!



Artemia Flakes 


Crude Protein 47%, Crude Fat 5.5%, Crude Fibre 2.5%, Crude Ash 6%

Fish and Fish Derivatives, Molluscs and Crustaceans, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Cereals, Algae, Yeasts, Oils and Fats




Sundried Shrimps 1-2cm


Crude Protein 56%, Crude Fat 5%, Crude Fibre 10%, Crude Ash 16%, Calcium 5.7%, Phosphor 1.4%

100% Sundried Shrimps



Sundried Gammarus


Crude Protein 46%, Crude Fat 6%, Crude Fibre 4%, Crude Ash 22.5%, Calcium 2.65%, Phosphor 1.09%

100% Sundried Gammarus



Sundried Daphnia


Crude Protein 36.3%, Crude Fat 3%, Crude Fibre 3%, 37.5Crude Ash %, Calcium 3.9%. Phosphor 1.1%

100% Sundried Daphnia



Red Discus Granules 


Crude Protein 45%, Crude Fat 6%, Crude Fibre 4%, Crude Ash 9%, Calcium 1.6%, Phosphor 1%

Soybean meal, Fish meal, Greaves, Wheat meal, Meat meal, Gammarus, Grass meal, Fish Oil, Spirulina



Freezedried Tubifex


Crude Protein 50%, Crude Fat 8%, Crude Fibre 2%, Crude Ash 23%

100% Freezedried Tubifex worms,


High Protein Sinking Pellets


High Protein Micro Granules


Tropical Fish Flakes




Analytical Components for High Protein Pellets and Tropical Flakes are unavailable at this time will be listed soon!

Dry Food Selection Box

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