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Single feed bags.


Tubifex worm approximately 25mm in length. 

Single feed bags each holding approx. 150ml of water with enough tubifex to feed an average 24-36 inch aquarium.


Will keep for a up to a week if kept refrigerated.


With a tendency to clump together tubifex worm is best fed using a cone feeder where they work free and fall to the bottom individually.  High in fat content they are a good feed to promote fast growth and are particularly suitable for bottom feeding fish such as loaches and killifish.

Tubifex Worm

  • Tubifex should be stored in the refrigerator in the unopened bag they are sold in.  It is advisable to use as soon as possible but they should keep for a week or more if stored in the refrigerator.


    Feed using a feeder cone.  These are a freshwater worm but if fed very sparingly they can be fed to marine or brackish water fish.

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