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Single feed bags.


Many carnivorous tropical fish, including bettas, eat worms in nature. When they see the wiggling worm in their aquarium they hunt it down. Blackworms offer both nutrition and enrichment. Even finicky fish find themselves too tempted to turn up fresh wriggling blackworms. 


Ideal to bring fish up to breeding condition
Approximately 2.5 - 5mm in length. 
Single feed bags each holding approx. 90ml of water with enough to feed an average 24-36 inch aquarium.

Californian Blackworm

90 Milliliters
  • We are unable to accept returns.  If live food arrives in poor condition please photograph and email us with details.

  • Shipped via Royal Mail parcel service.  No refunds will be given for poor quality live food if delivery has been attempted but not achieved.

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